Market Updates February 14, 2021

Silicon Valley Home Prices

It’s no secret that Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties have some of the steepest home prices in the nation.  We can thank the beautiful weather, outdoor lifestyle, and the plethora of jobs from high tech that keep this area in it’s own little market bubble!  Add to it COVID stay-at-home orders and new work-from-home flexibility, and we’re seeing a renewed impetus to change where we live.  Whether it’s to buy a first home, get a bigger home, downsize, or just change the layout.  The constrained inventory of homes for all these home buyers has, for the most part, driven up prices, with the exception of San Mateo County condos & townhomes, where we saw a small price decrease!

Here’s a look at how these prices compared year over year for both condos / townhomes and single family homes in January.