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2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Hey Silicon Valley!

Have you just realized it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and you’ve forgotten to get your mom or mother in your life a gift?  Not to worry!  Here’s a curated list of some on-trend items, plus I’ve also featured several of our local businesses that offer wonderfully creative and thoughtful gifts.  I’m a huge proponent of helping out our local businesses and encourage you to give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!


I know gift cards scream last minute gift, but for the moms that are in need of a little rest, relaxation and repose, it really is a welcome respite to get a massage or facial.  These are three of my favorite places, and during the pandemic shut down, only medical massage has been permitted, so I was pleased to receive my share of glorious massages from Michelle at Dr Bahar’s Chiropractic office (Dr Bahar is amazing if you need a little adjustment too!).

Hands-Free Tech

Whether she’s a new mom with an infant or an empty nester, here are a few items I really like that can enhance her listening pleasure, hands-free!  First are mobile bluetooth speakers that can play for up to 6 hours on a single charge.  Mom can attach it to a purse or clothing with a wonderful sound not often found in those tiny portable speakers.  Or for more private listening, check out these sleek and stylish earphones that are specially designed to reduce EMF radiation typically beaming through normal ear buds (and her phone).  What to listen to?  How about a subscription to Audible where the busy mom can choose from thousands of books and podcasts to listen to while making dinner, taking a walk, or driving in the car (careful there!).

  • Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker ($99) – Get it on Amazon here.
  • EMF Protection Airtube Earphones ($39.99) – Get them on Tech Wellness here.
  • Audible  

Sweet Treats

Special occasions call for a little decadence.  Whether that’s chocolate or pastry, here are my favorite spots.

  • Deux Cranes – Michiko, pastry chef and owner, has created art in chocolate!  Try some of her Japanese infused flavors that are subtle and divine!  Located in Los Gatos, she also does mail order. 
  • Pacific Cookie Company – I love to bake cookies for clients, friends, and family, but when I run out of time, these are my go to cookies to gift.  Order online or take a trip to their shop in Santa Cruz.
  • Icing on the Cake – they don’t do mail order, but it’s worth the outing to Los Gatos for their amazingly fresh and delicious cakes and cookies.

Learn to Bake (or Cook)!

Learning never stops in my book, so I included a few fun ideas to “up” mom’s cooking and baking skills.  If she’s super busy but still wants a home cooked meal, then the Blue Apron might be a fun gift that offers a delightful array of fresh meals to choose from (you prepare yourself while they do all the shopping and meal planning), all delivered to her door.  Or how about cooking lessons?  In-person classes are now back, where she can learn from professionals in a kitchen with hands-on guidance.  Make it a night out with friends, spouse or partner, or for family fun, try a pasta making class with the whole family at Cucina Bambina.  So many options!  Check out the websites below for gifting the experience!

Home Luxuries

I only had one guideline for my husband and kids growing up, please no gift with a cord and plug!  That was to avoid the vacuum or appliance that we needed in our home furtively being slipped in as a personal gift for my birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day!  Unless of course it was a gadget that I really wanted, like a Kitchen Aid mixer, which was my one exception.  With so much time being spent in our homes during this pandemic, giving a little bit of luxury to “up” the elegance and beauty in her home may be just the thing to bring a renewed energy to her space.  These are some of my favorite go-to places in town for beautiful home luxuries.

  • Bianco – Los Gatos, all things white and glamorous
  • Maids Quarters – Los Gatos, luxurious linens and home items
  • Butter Paddle – Los Gatos, timeless items for home plus 100% of your purchase supports children at Uplift Family Services 
  • Azuka – Los Gatos, for the funky fun in us all with local art, jewelry and whimsical gifts

I hope you enjoyed this Mother’s Day gift guide and that it gives you some new ideas for the mom(s) in your life.  And if you can support our local businesses please know how very much that is appreciated!  If you want to keep current on fun trends in Silicon Valley and the real estate market, be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!