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Father’s Day – 2021 Gift Guide

I never know what to get for the fathers in my life!  Growing up, my dad wore a tie to work everyday, so that was always one of the gifts.  But for many, ties are a bit of an anachronism, so I spent a little time curating a gift list that I hope offers ideas that are beyond the standard tie and a little more thoughtful, useful, creative, and on sale (if at all possible, as dad would want that!).  And even though our pandemic world is finally opening up, I decided to focus on gifts he could use at home.  

Entertainment at Home

Do you think he might be coveting that massively large TV of your friends and want one for himself?  There are some great buys right now to not only buy the TV but to also enjoy the show without wifi glitching!  And as a little bonus, Amazon Prime Day is coming on June 21st and there are some early sales available now!

  • Smart HD TV – Looking for a massively sized TV?  Check out the Samsung Q70A 85-Inch QLED 4K TV on sale here.  Or maybe something a little smaller?  Check out the Toshiba’s 32 inch HD Smart TV on sale here.
  • 4K Streaming Box – Consider using the Internet for watching movies & sports versus an expensive TV service provider.  Roku’s Ultra Streaming Box is on sale here, and offers both wireless and wired.

Working from Home

With businesses and companies reopening, for many there will continue to be a blend of some days at the office and some days working from home.  Most all the tools and equipment for work-at-home is well at hand, but the one thing I’ve found super helpful is a hands-free phone call without the distracting home sounds.  I love the latest Apple AirPods Pro for my iPhone for their noise cancelling technology (so my clients can’t hear the blender or video gaming sounds from my son in the background!)

  • Wireless Ear Buds – Check out the latest versions and best deals here. 

Organizing at Home

It may not be dad’s favorite thing to do, but the result of seeing all the collections of stuff nicely organized and easy to see, including wine (!) can be so satisfying!  Here are a couple ideas:

  • Garage Organizers – think upgrades to the toolbox or to the entire garage.  There are so many options, like wall mount organizers, shelving, and cabinets. Consider checking out Garage Organization for every product you could possibly think of for organizing garage “stuff”.  Or if he’d rather have someone do that for him, closet organizer companies can help. As an example, Closet World (CA and NV) is currently offering a 50% off sale.
  • Wine Storage – Check out the many options for holding 2 bottles to 200 bottles here.  Or maybe it’s time for him to store his wine like a pro with a nice little wine fridge.  Here are some options for top rated wine fridges here.

Fun at Home

This year Father’s Day isn’t on Zoom (yay!) so after all my searching for just the right gift, I decided to get gifts from this category for a little family re-bonding!

  • Board Games – oh my goodness, the list is long on this one.  There’s the classics plus there are the newcomers. For those that want to learn something new, check out the list here of GamesRadar’s best picks for 2021.  Spoiler alert – the top game in 2021 is … Pandemic (!).  For the classics, here are my favorites: 
    • Sorry
    • Trouble
    • Monopoly
    • Scrabble
    • Mousetrap
    • Clue
    • Battleship
    • Candyland
  • Outdoor Games – just like board games, there are some standards that never grow old, like ping pong and badminton, but check out this great list put together by Bob Villa that includes newcomer favorite, cornhole.  For those not familiar, cornhole is a bean bag toss game made with bags filled with dried corn (or at least that’s how it started).  You can even get your cornhole game board and bags personalized here on Etsy or here at Custom Cornhole.  So many choices!!!

Cooking and Eating at Home

Always a crowd pleaser, good food!!!  Here are some ideas to either create that food or just buy it!

  • Barbeque Stuff – so many choices here, from an outdoor kitchen to maybe a new grill, a pizza oven,or just some new utensils and accessories.  Naturally there’s Home Depot and Ace Hardware, but don’t forget small businesses!  Check out Barbeques Galore and locally, The Grill House West and Unique Outdoor Living that have local stores offering excellent products and ideas as well!  
  • Jerky and Smoked MeatsLos Gatos Meats is a must if he likes smoked meats. They offer some of the widest variety of in-house smoked meats in the area. Another fabulous find is Mohogany Smoked Meats.  We stumbled across them in South Lake Tahoe and my kids couldn’t get enough, thankfully they ship as well (and have a Father’s Day sale on jerky)!!   
  • Monthly Subscription Boxes – consider the gift that keeps on giving!  If he likes tea, check out Sipsby for monthly personalized samplers of all things tea related.  If snacking is more his thing, get a variety of snacks every month delivered to his door.  There are so many choices from candy samplers to keto-friendly snacks.  Check out this site for a list of top 10 favorites.

I hope you enjoyed this Father’s Day gift guide and that it gives you some fun ideas for the dad(s) in your life.

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Happy Father’s Day!!!