In the CommunityPosts February 1, 2022

Top Picks for Valentine’s Day Experiences

Do you remember those grammar school days when we’d give every classmate a little valentine card and maybe some candy hearts?  It was such a fun tradition of kindness, especially when you’d get a big card or some chocolates amongst all the little tiny cards!  What a great reminder to share love, gratitude, and joy with everyone, and maybe a little chocolate and a big card too!

For those of you that are thinking you’d like to elevate the day beyond just giving roses, chocolates, or taking your special someone out to dinner, then read on!  How about celebrating Valentine’s day with a little more creative panache and style, where it’s less about the gift and more about the experience? 

Here are my top picks for unique and creative ways to share valentine’s day:

  • Try a restaurant that offers a shared experience!  A new favorite of mine is Teleferic Barcelona in Los Gatos.  Newly opened in January 2022, the ambiance and presentation is unexpectedly creative and beautiful, and the small plates and entrees are meant to be shared, especially the Paella.
  • Consider an evening out where wine is expertly paired with small plates of food, cheeses and chocolates.  Wine tasting at one of the many local vineyards is always fun, but on Valentine’s day, how about elevating that by adding in amazing cheeses, charcuterie and chocolates all in a cozy ambiance?  I’m loving the new Tasting Bar and Shop called The Tasting House in Los Gatos, where each chocolate morsel and cheese from some special remote dairy farm are paired with wines for blissful indulgence!  
  • How about cooking a meal with experts in your own kitchen? In our lives of cozy cocooning. staying home doesn’t mean only DoorDash or cooking alone.  There’s something really special about cooking with others and sharing a meal you created.  Try Cozymeal and enjoy the online, real time learning experience of preparing a meal under the expert guidance of a chef that reveals all their techniques and recipes, like Risotto and Raffaello Chocolate (this is just one of the meals available on Valentine’s Day). 
  • Try an adrenaline pumping adventure!  This is of course very much an individually metered thing, so depending on your level of comfort, here are some fun ideas: paintball, horseback riding, ziplining, rollercoasters and bungee jumping.  But if you really want to up the stakes to feed the adrenaline junkie in some of us, how  about tandem skydiving?  Sure, it’s clearly a bit more of a high risk adventure, but if it’s on your bucket list, why not try it as a moment to really bond with someone you love?  Fear can do that!  My son did this on his 21st birthday and he had a blast and created a life long memory.  We highly recommend Sky Dive California. 

No matter what you end up doing, even if you just send a card, I hope you are able to share your love on Valentine’s day and pause to know how even the simplest of gifts, like the tiny little valentines day card of our youth, can fill another with gratitude and the feeling of being cherished.  Happy Valentine’s Day!